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Hello All!

I have been snooping around these forums for quite sometime now, and have finally decided to join

I have two questions for you all that I have not been able to find the answer to anywhere. If you all have any insight on them, that would be great!

My first question is regarding a hard drive swap. About 3 months ago, I swapped my 250gb hard drive for a 320gb hard drive my brother had laying around. He transferred the data between them and the new 320gb has been working perfectly...until now.

Today, I recently "filled" my hard drive. This would not be a problem if my computer knew I had a 320gb hard drive. For some reason, my computer is telling me i have "200 mb of 250gb free." I click on disk utility, and my 320gb hard drive shows up with MacIntosh HD right below it (almost as if it is a subscript of it. How can i transfer this MacIntosh HD into my 320gb hard drive?

And a side note, if i have 250gb of data on my computer and want to use Time Machine, would I need at least a 250gb external hard drive? Or does Time Machine compress the files?

Thank you all for your help, I truly appreciate it!


Here are some photos for clarification:

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