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So Panasonic provides a wireless connection but it needs 3 specific ports open on the router. I just switched from a Linksys router where setting ports open was easy to an Airport Extreme. On this I found a public and private network setting under the Advanced - Port Mapping tab. I have no idea what data I should insert, so I chose Personal Web Sharing then inserted the 3 port values (which are standard for Panasonic TVs and set as 80, 443 and 48705) in the Public TCP Port(s) field which then automatically showed up in the Private TCP Field. It then goes to the next screen where I did not check 'Advertise Globally ..' but just clicked Done. This process did not work on the TV, so the ports which have to be open are still not open as far as the TV is concerned.

If someone has done this successfully and can share it with me I will provide Panasonic customer service with the info and then others can use it. There experience has been with Linksys routers.
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