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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
I have the same issue/problem. A Macintosh Classic, no startup chime & no sound thru the internal speaker (but do get sound thru the headphone or external speaker jack). I also got mine for $15.

I worked on this problem for a while...but couldn't find an I figured I would put the computer on the shelf...and when I finally got an answer/solution...then I would fix it.

My best guess is there might be some sort of firmware settings that were changed (sound on/sound off). So the trick is how to access the firmware...and change the setting. It's also not a dead PRAM battery...because the one I have in mine is brand new.

Sorry I don't have a better answer (I'm in the same boat).

- Nick
Oh Ya, I remember that issue. What OS is on the machine MacMan886. There is a control panel that handles the sound. Sometimes reinstalling it can fix the problem. Not so with Pigoo3's I recall
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