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Looks like the mood is getting uglier among Mac users that previously had the Siri app, and found out that Apple made the decision to remove that app from the store, and shut down the servers that were supporting the application. I know this was a business decision by apple to buy off the company, and to make Siri a selling point for the iPhone 4s, but a lot of users, (and many of them paid to purchase the app, and now can't use it), are seriously disgusted with the company right now. The general gist about buying the iphone4s as far as they are concerned is not only no... but HECK NO, since they are now being forced by Apple to look at alternate personal assistants for devices other than the iPhone 4s.

Personally, I have no plans to upgrade my mobile devices every flipping year or otherwise lose the apps that I have just because Apple thinks I should do so.

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