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Originally Posted by scarna View Post
Hi Bob,

I try to keep at least 10% of my hard drive free but even so, it's slower than it used to be and when I do exceed that amount it becomes even slower.

I've got the Activity Monitor App permanently on my menu bar. On finishing startup the Used Memory indicates approximately 600MB (of 2GB). Applications like Firefox, AutoCAD and VirtualBox by themselves usually boost that mark up to 1GB-1.2GB. I'm hoping increasing the memory to at least 4GB will help make my mac faster... or am I wrong? Is there anything else you recommend?

I always say to immediately upgrade your memory AND hard drive. It looks like you can get the 6GB so I would go for that rather and the 4GB (There won't be a much of a price difference). You should also look into upgrading your hard drive to the highest you can afford, esp if your getting in that 10% range. I purchased my memory (8GB) off eBay for only $40. It will be even cheaper to get the 6GB.

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