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I have a Netgear WNR2000 router. My MacBook Pro will connect wirelessly with the router but then at least twice a day will stop connecting to the internet and give me the error message, "self-assigned IP address may not be able to connect to the internet". To solve the problem I have to power cycle the modem and the router, doing this twice a day is becoming more than slightly annoying. I do not encounter this problem on my iMac or on my Windows based machines which are connecting to the internet via the same router. I have been on the phone with Apple Tech Support for nearly a 1/2 hour with no solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I googled my way here. Just thought it might be useful to confirm similar experience. I have been using a WNR2000 problem-free for 18 months. No problems until I connected some "N" devices - macbook air 10.6 and (to a lesser extent) a mac mini 10.7.

The air behaves as you describe. Other devices (ps3, iphones, imac g5 etc) have no issues. I have been rebooting the router. Not good.
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