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I am unclear exactly as to what is the relationship between the various photo items.

The iPhone/iPad has Camera Roll, Photo Library, Last Import, Last 12 Months (and Photo Stream - but I am not concerned with that now).

What is the relationship between the Camera Roll and the Photo Library? For example, the iPhone Cameral Roll has 1 image and the Photo Library has 25 images.

Does Last Import/Last 12 Months show only items from the Photo Library?

When I connect to iTunes and look at the iDevice Photo tab in iTunes it says Sync photos from iPhoto.

I see that iPhoto has a Photo Library (as well as Last Import and Last 12 months). When I Sync in iTunes are the contents of the iDevice Photo Library being made identical to the contents of the iPhoto Photo Library (adding and deleting as needed)? I see that I can delete images in iPhoto (Move to Trash) but do not have the same option in iPhone Photo Library.

The contents of Camera Roll are not impacted by syncing?

Very confusing -- I think I need an organization chart or flow chart or ...



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