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My boss and I are connected to the same Comcast wifi network at her house. I'm working on a 15" Macbook Pro I bought this summer. She is working on a 13" Macbook Pro she bought couple years ago. Her internet seems to work fine all the time. I'm not sure how many bars she typically has but I think it's 3 or 4. Right now she has 4 bars and I have 2. Mine works sporadically. I normally have about 2 bars, sometimes 0. Webpages never give the failure to load--they just.. don't load (same with uploads and downloads). If I turn off airport and wait two minutes or so, and turn it back on, then the internet works or even works great for either a very short period (say seconds to a minute) or for several hours. Overall the internet seems to work about 1/2 the time, maybe a little more. Any ideas? I figured my having a newer computer would mean I wouldn't have a worse connection than my boss. We both are running OS 10.6.8
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