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Hi everybody, I have this particular question and I don't know where else to ask.

I recently moved in to a new apartment and I can't afford right now to hire an internet service here in this country which is Brazil, where internet is a luxurious product, held by a few highly lucrative corporations. Prices are sky high, service is bandwidth limited and overall poor.

But from here I get into an unprotected wireless network, although it seems to be a little far and most of the time, Airport accuses only 1 or 2 dots of connection strenght.

What I did, I set my old house's Asus Wireless Router. Not knowing what exactly to do, I set it as a repeater. That means that it is just an extention of that open network, same name, same everything. It worked fine til a new neighbor arrived next door, then the wireless net became painfully slow. I'm afraid he's also connected there and downloading full-time cause late at night I can still see the rooter's lights blinking non stop.

As a solution, althouth I dont know if its possible, I thought of creating a new network, protected, which gets its internet directly from that wireless open network. I know it would be possible by connecting it via network cable, but wirelessly? Is it possible? Would someone help?