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Originally Posted by gsahli View Post
On the server (linux), use a browser and go to http://localhost:631
Go to Printers tab. Copy down the exact queue names of the printers. And now note the IP address of this ubuntu server (right-click on the internet connection icon on the top right bar - connection information.).
Good instructions. Actually, since the linux computer is
I just pointed my browser to

Originally Posted by gsahli View Post
On Mac(s), go to Print & Fax, click Add (+). Select IP printing > IPP.
In the dialog box, enter queue name and IP address. Select model. For non-postscript printers, you need to use Gutenprint drivers.
I choose auto-select and got the following message:
'The selected printer software isn't from the manufacturer and may not
let you use all the features of your printer.
Does that mean that I need Gutenprint drivers?
If so, where do I get them?
Originally Posted by gsahli View Post
If you don't get it to work, or need help with drivers, come back here.
Hopefully the info above can tell
you whether I need the Gutenprint.

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