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  1. (hard) reset AE and let it reboot
  2. remove WiFi security (also removed auto channel scan for now), on DIR-655 and let it reboot
  3. connect to AE using either Win or OSX Airport Utility
  4. configure AE to connect to wireless network, no security; reboot
  5. confirm solid green light on Airport Express; should be able to re-connect with Airport Utility
  6. add WPA/WPA2 Personal security and WiFi password to Airport Express; reboot
  7. AE blinks amber
  8. added security back to DLINK DIR-655 (WPA-Personal, WPA or WPA2 mode, TKIP and AES cipher) - reboot
  9. confirm solid green comes back to AE
  10. confirm iTunes client can see the AE
  11. perform happy dance

I think you've done all the right a couple of EXTRAS.

I would think the sequence should be 2, 1, 4, 5....etc.

3 is sort of redundant once you've done 1. But, doing 1 first is rather pointless, isn't it, if you're booting into the presence of a still-secured by WPA router? I say kill the security on your network before you even fire up the A/E for the first time.

Any other opinions?

Just my 2cents.

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