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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Read through this Blog by Oribicule. They sell recovery software for Apple products. Interesting reading. LINK
Interesting. I didn't know the firmware password only applied to non-default startup options. However, did you read this part?

With OS X Lion comes FileVault 2, an update of Apple's data encryption program. In FileVault 2 a Mac cannot boot unless an admin password is entered meaning that not even Mac OS X can load without a password. Therefore, apps such as Undercover and apps that copied Undercover (including Apple's own FindMyMac software) cannot run. Basically in OS X Lion, you must choose between using FileVault 2 or having the chance to recover your Mac using Undercover. We are sorry to have to write this, but this is how Apple designed FileVault 2. If you want to continue using Undercover and data encryption is important to you, there are many other file encryption apps available.
There's the problem. If the thief closes the computer, they won't be able to use it (and the tracking software won't have time to run).
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