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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
The point is if someone does steal your machine and is knowledgeable, the first thing he or she will do is swap out the hard drive. A firmware password prevents that.

Most tracking software publishers advise setting a firmware password up before installing their software.
Their software won't ever have a chance to work if there are login and firmware passwords... Let's look at it like this:

Lock screen & dumb thief: Don't get computer back.
Lock screen & smart thief: Don't get computer back.
No lock screen & dumb thief: Probably get computer back.
No lock screen & smart thief: Maybe get computer back (even if they just turn it on for 5 minutes).

If the first thing they do is take my hard drive out, then my data is safe. But do you think I'll ever recover my computer if it has a firmware password? A smart thief will not take it in to the apple store, they will probably smash it up and I will never see it again. At least if it can be resold, apple might get ahold of it.

I'm analyzing this from the perspective of what is the most likely to save me money, and security is just an added bonus. I don't want to inconvenience a petty thief: I want to get my laptop back.
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