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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Thieves who steal computers - Macs, PCs, iPhones, etc. know how to get past a log in password and screen saver.

Make sure you assign a firmware password on the machine. Otherwise the knowledgeable thief can swap out your hard drive - and there goes your tracking software and your machine.
If my macbook gets stolen by someone who can break 128 bit XTS-AES or pull off a DMA attack on the login window, I have bigger problems.

The Filevault is so that if I leave this hard drive around or shut off my computer, I don't have to worry about the hard drive being taken.

However, I would like my various tracking softwares to remain operational, and if there was a wake-from-sleep password, this would A)encourage the thief to shut off the computer (rendering it inoperable to him) or remove the hard drive and B)prevent my tracking softwares from working for long enough to recognize the device has been stolen and respond appropriately.
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