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Here is my setup. DSL internet connection with a linksys wireless router connected directly to the dsl modem. It is located pretty much in the center of my house.

The wireless signal reached throughout my house. I bought an airport express to get internet for my sons xbox360. It only has a wired connection and is no where near the dsl modem. This works fine and I also hooked the airport express up to the stereo system and airplay works nicely.

I have a workshop (metal building) that is about 75' from my house with no obstructions between the two. I can take my ipad and stand by the workshop door (outside the building) and I get a weak but usable signal but as soon as I go inside the workshop I lose signal. I would like to get internet signal to the shop. Trenching in a ethernet cable is not going to be easy as I have sprinkler system, buried electric lines, septic tank, sidewalks, concrete patio, fences, etc. I would like to do it wirelessly and am looking for ideas.

On the house side I am thinking I would need to either add another wireless access point of some sort in the house and place it right by a window facing the shop or move my current router close to a window facing the shop.

On the shop side I am thinking I would need some sort of range extender with an external antenna to get the signal through the metal building?

Any ideas or recommendations?
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