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Hi Everyone,

Sorry to make my first post here a real annoying problem, but I am being blamed by a client for something I don't believe is related to my set up.

Here's how it goes....

I was contacted by my client to set up another email user on my mail server so that he could use two addresses (at different domains). Both use my mail server for their mail.

I set the account up on a Friday. I did not inform the client his mail box was ready.

During the weekend he regularly checked his current account on our server with no problems.

On the Monday I informed him that his mail was ready to go on our server. He dutifully added the account info to his Mac mail on his G4 Laptop.

During this process he received an error message telling him that his mail folder was "exclusively locked by user XXXX on [Machine Name Here]". The error informed him that 'opening' his mail folder at the time might damage it. He opened it and about 90% of his mail had disappeared from his mail folder.

Now, he is adament that it was my server that caused the problem, yet he never even got to check that account on our server, he had the problem before it could even check our system for mail. The error he received was a mac system error, not an error generated by my mail server.

My mail server is a Windows 2003 server, running 'Merak Mail Server'. I have several clients using Macs, none have ever had problems with my system. It's a standard POP3 set up.

Now I was wondering if anyone out there has encountered such a problem before, and I'd also like to know if there is anyway his mail can be recovered.

I'm just upset that he is dead set on it being my problem - regardless of the fact that his machine was checking his current account for two days (while his new account was already functioning on my server) without problems. It was only when he added the account on his mail software that a problem occured.

Any ideas why the system would have had his mail folder "exclusively locked"?

He is running a G4 Powerbook with OSX10.3 (I think).

Excuse my vague-ness over this whole thing - he is in the US and I am in New Zealand.

He tells me he set the account up correctly etc, but with that error he saw, I can't be sure.

So to recap:-
Do any of you think that my mail server caused this problem? (I don't - but I want to hear from you if you do)

Why did his machine "lock" his mail folder? (he ignored the message and proceeded anyway)

Can I re-import the folder?

Any chance that the lost messages can be recovered?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post.

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