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My sister has a new MacBook pro running lion. We migrated her old settings and applications from her old MacBook (running leopard) using migration assistant.

This created a new user on the MacBook pro with the name of the old MacBook user.
As she had not added any files to the first user on the new mbp, we thought to save clutterwe would just delete the first user and use the migrated user instead (both users said administrator so didn't think we'd hit issues...however...

When she now tries to delete any file that was migrated across it asks for her password. This annoying.

I saw a thread on this problem that suggested unticking "Allow user to administer this computer", restarting, then reticking "Allow this user to administer this computer". We are unable to do this as the checkbox is greyed out, even when the lock is unlocked. Is this because we now have just the one user?

The thread also suggested resetting permissions by booting into recovery which we tried but no difference.

Any suggestions?
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