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This may be an age old question but I'll ask it anyway

We currently run an all windows setup:

Windows 2008 Server
Exchange 2007 (outlook clients)
Windows xp and windows 7 Desktop
Office 2007 (heavy PowerPoint and publisher use)

And we have about 100 users across 3 sites

A couple of our directors have asked about having Macbooks instead of pc's.

If we did get a Macbook running the latest OS, would I need to do anything to my domain \ network to allow the Macbook to connect and authenticate from AD - share and edit files from the network drives (NTFS).

I would want users to be authenticated from our 2008 Active directory, and use full microsoft office (for compatibility with other office users)

Also how will a Macbook effect load of the exchange and servers (is it the same as a PC)

And finally are the any other things that I will need to look out for.

Thanks in advance
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