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I need to reinstall OSX on my macbook because I can't boot up from the HDD anymore. I tried restoring using the install disk, but no luck.
My question is: which version do I install? I don't have the original install disk as I purchased it second hand. I do however have a 10.5.5 and a 10.4.9 install disk from my other Macbooks.
But when inserting the 10.4.9 disk and pressing option, the CD is not recognised; it only shows the Hard disk option to boot. (i tried to boot from it with another macbook, and on that one it did boot, so the disk is fine)
And when trying with the 10.5.5 install disk, i can boot from it, but after choosing the install language, it thinks for a minute and then tells me that OSX cannot be installed from this disk...

Does the macbook hardware only support certain versions of the software to install? If so, which version is the correct one for mine? I had a look on the apple support site, but cannot seem to find what my macbook model is, as it only seems to refer to them by year and color...

on the back of my macbook it says Model No: A1181, TM and copyright: Apple 2007. it is a white macbook.Apart form that i can't give you the exact specs, as I can't get boot from the HD.

Hoping anyone can help me... thanks,
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