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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Your post was moved to the correct forum, title was edited for clarification.
Thank you.
Originally Posted by chscag View Post
If you installed rEFIt you should not have to hold down the command + R key to boot to the Recovery partition. rEFIt detects any bootable partitions on the drive and will give you a menu item for it which should appear each time you boot the machine.
I'm revisiting my experience. Upon reboot, using command(widows) + R causes the
rEFIt screen to refresh and the 'countdown' to reset. I note the menu items and from
you input, it appears that all is as it should be.
Originally Posted by chscag View Post
And yes, you need a Mac keyboard as a Windows keyboard is not mapped correctly for the same boot keys. The Windows + R key isn't going to work the same as command + R.
Thus far, I am finding that all keyboard shortcuts seem to work 'as advertised' using
the windows key as the command key. The owner's manual for the Mac Mini indicates
that I should find the windows key an acceptable substitute.
I would be very disappointed to find that I needed a mac keyboard to use a mac.
Having said that, I would consider the following Apple Wireless Keyboard: Electronics
If it worked in ubuntu also...

Thanks again. I would marked this as solved if I can figure out how.

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