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Originally Posted by dziner
Not sure I understand your use of iPhoto. If you're using iPhoto to grab the RAW files from the camera, it puts those files into a year/month/day folder structure. Are you burning the RAW files to CD AND deleting from iPhoto? Then after editing from the RAW files, importing the resulting PNGs correct? I guess that makes sense now.

That would cut down a great deal on the file sizes that iPhoto would be handling. It always bugged me that iPhoto created JPGs of all my RAW files and duplicates of all images with every little change you would make (rotate, ect).
I can see how my method looks confusing in text. Let me try to clarify:

1. I have an Automator script to import all my RAW files, burn them to a CD and the import them to iPhoto.

2. I then go about using photoshop to edit the photos that I wanted to edit and I save the .PSD's to my external hard drive and also save a copy as .PNG to a folder on my desktop.

3. I then go to my iPhoto library where the originals are saved and cut and paste that into another iPhoto library that is on my external hard drive.

4. I then import the .PNG's into my hard drives iPhoto library.

This gives me a .PNG copy of all of my best work in my iPhoto library while I have all of my original RAW files saved to a CD as well as stored on my external HD as well as having all of the .PSD's on my external hard drive.
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