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Couple notes on the Sandy bridge i5 (Intel 2415m):
1: Clock for clock it's insanely more powerful than a core 2 duo or such, I worked out the numbers, the base i5 in the 13inch out performs the entire last generation macbook lineup. Everything.
2: i5 2415m modes: normal clock: 2.3Ghz. (automatic) turbo mode on two cores working: 2.7Ghz. Turbo mode on a single threaded app: 2.9Ghz for core 1 /2.3Ghz for core 2.
3: In most scenarios the i5 2415m is actually FASTER than a quad i7 in the 15 inch due to a higher clock speed and the fact that many parts of code are still single threaded.
4: 2415m Vs last gen CPUs: When being used in turbo mode one single core of the 2415m actually matches a single core the Desktop i7 930. (!!! huge wow here) to consider that the i7 930 out performed every single laptop cpu made before this year, that is saying something. Yes the Quad core pro is almost twice as fast potentially,but the i5 is not a bottleneck in any way. Your bottle neck in modern day work is your Hard Drive and Graphics card.
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