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I've been running my MacBook Pro faithfully since 2006 with only the free online upgrades prompted by the machine (now at 10.4.11). I ran OnyX now which found some problems on the computer true, it's become a bit unstable lately and it told me to run Disk Utility from the Install Disk. The disk needs to be repaired.

The only problem is that the Install Disk is version 10.4.6 which may be the reason why the disk is ejected when I try to start from it (pressing "C").

Just the other day I replaced the optic drive, I don't know if some outdated firmware (etc) issue could relate to this (I still can't burn, for example, so that needs to be looked up anyway). It reads the Install CD normally though, just won't start from it: I insert CD, wait 'til it no longer spins, then I restart computer and hold "C" down but it ejects the disk after chewing on it for a while. I didn't try starting from the old optic drive because it's been very unreliable for the past half year anyway and hadn't run OnyX until now.

How can I access this Disk Utility? I have it on my computer of course, but I understand it should be run from the Install Disk as otherwise it'd make a knot of itself.


2 GHz Intel Core Duo
2 GB, 667 MHz, DDR2 SDRAM

(I noticed there's a similar thread about starting from install disk but with a bit different specifications, feel free to merge mine to that one if appropriate.)
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