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Still others in the industry expect that demand for tablets will drop significantly, much like the bottom fell out on the netbook market, taking with it hardware makers like Acer. They believe the "traditional" notebook industry will rebound once consumer interest in tablets wanes.
Yeah, their perspective seems a bit off...

iPad buyers will keep upgrading, much like the iPhone user, (on the long end of the scale, every couple of years) when features warrant. Android tablet mfg's won't see that same loyalty because there is something else coming out every twenty minutes. Many people may be holding out simply because they're on the fence about something new coming next week/month/quarter... iOS isn't flawless, and Ice Cream Sandwich won't be either. It's all in how it integrates into the hardware and overall UE. Apple has consistently been better at pulling it all off and keeping buyers loyal.

There was just that survey about brand loyalty... Apple at 89% with it's nearest competitor (HTC) at less than half. If only 39% of a company's current customers will buy their next product, it may not be enough to keep them churning out new variants.
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