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So I finally upgraded my 80 GB Seagate hard drive from college to a 2 TB iomega. I'm somewhat confused and looking for questions on how to use it.

My girlfriend and I both will be using it, we both use macbook pro's. We want to have clones of each using carbon copy cloner, and also storage space for movies, pictures, etc so we free up space from mac pro's hard drive.

When I ran carbon copy cloner the first time last night it worked great except it just add the half dozen or so folders from the clone right on the top level of the drive as opposed to having them organized neatly in a folder. Anyway, based on my needs any good suggestions on how to set this up with folders or partitions to meet my needs? I'm totally new to this so if you think you understand my problem better than me feel free to answer the question you think I should be asking.

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