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Hiya, Noob here.

I've been using Apple stuff for ever so not technically a switcher but i'm far, far, FAR from being technically minded. In saying that, i now want to tackle a new project of setting up a wireless outdoor webcam to stream to the internet. (apologies if i post this in the wrong part of the forum! Noob blooper!)

Where do i start!?! I've looked on the net but theres' not much info specifically for mac's. Ive also had a search on here and can't find any threads. Happy for someone to point me in the right direction if they already exist.

I will be hooking it up to a G5 Powermac but my question is:
What would be the best webcam? Nothing ridiculously fancy. Its to film chickens! It will be in a sheltered position but still outside. Must be wireless.

Thanks a bunch
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