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Hey everyone,

Well Bootcamp, well really myself, decided to just royally screw me last night when I tried to partition my hard drive for windows. I don't really want to get into that part because I've been dreading it for the past 24 hours. All in all my hard drive is no more.

If I reformat and reinstall snow leopard with my install disk... Will my external hard drive with Time Machine back ups be able to be reinstalled/brought back/whatever to my new reformatted OSX?

That's my main question because I really don't want to take my iMac into Apple.

I tried doing two system restores in the past 6 hours through my last back up and after everytime it has completed the restore, it tells me to restart... Which I did... Then the famous "No bootable device is any key to continue" appears.

If anyone could help... Thank you in advance.

Thanks for reading.
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