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Well the Dell laptop that my coworker has is only about 2 months old and has an HDMI Slot on the side. Also, Going from VGA to HDMI is what I want to do, not HDMI to VGA. Basically, I want to take the VGA cable running from the projector, connect it to the converter then take the HDMI cable from the other side of the converter and connect it to the adapter for the iPad that supports HDMI. Eventually when ios5 is available I will use the splitter and hook up the apple tv as well.

One question, am I backwards on the conversion then? Do I need the HDMI to VGA? I just figured that if I needed to turn a VGA device to and HDMI device that I would need VGA to HDMI.

I'm definitely appreciating the feedback so thank you to everyone that is commenting!
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