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EDIT: Sorry, I just realized there's an internet/wireless/connection forum on here, which is more appropriate for this question. I'd delete if I knew how

I've googled this problem and have been reading a lot on it (including on this forum), but all the cases mentioned seem to be dealing with Airport Express or Extreme which I don't believe is not my case.

So my problem is that out of nowhere my internet just suddenly slowed down. Google searches still load pretty quick, sites like this forum are a bit slower, but when it comes to video/audio streaming or downloading, its become ridiculously slow (downloading a 1pg PDF normally takes a few seconds, now takes a couple minutes, youtube videos take forever to load etc.). I tried some things like changing my DNS server numbers like said in another thread, but nothing has worked.

Its been suggested to change wifi channels which has potential to solve the prob, but i cant change them because I can't access the router through my AirPort Utility. That is what I'm trying to do right?...access my router then change the channel?

The router used here is an Asus RT-N16. And I am connected to my network and online, so why does Airport Utility say it's not finding any wireless devices???

I did also try connecting the ethernet cable (the one that looks like a phone jack right?) from the modem then from the router direclty to my laptop but still no find.

I have a Mac OS X 10.6.7

Please help
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