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Hello everyone..
I have a very odd problem here, I've been working on a site for a friend. The base of it is done in Dreamweaver (version 7.0), and I have a flash animation in the site. When I test it in FireFox it looks wonderful, no flaws, when I test it in IE only part of it comes up! My IE is version 5.2.
Now here is where it gets even stranger, I had some friends test it out on their pc's, and they see it perfectly (in both firefox and ie), Sadly I don't know many people with mac's. So could someone check it out and see if it works on their IE... then let me know.. (the problem i have in IE, is it cut's off the icons in the flash that i have on the right side of the page)
Also if it doesnt work, would anyone know what I shoud do?
Thank you so much in advance!
Here is the link to the site:
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