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I'm the same, I shoot 100% in RAW but I still use iPhoto to good effect with a few Automator scripts.

Firstly, a little about my workflow, after downloading pictures using iPhoto, all my RAW files are burnt to CD's before anything else. Then I go through and decide which one's I want to use and do my post processing in Photoshop, I save all my .PSD's to a new folder and name it with the date of the shoot for any minor adjustments later, then I export the images as .PNG and save them in a folder on my desktop. Then I use Automator to back up all my origianl RAW files and PSD's to my external hard drive and back the PSD's to CD. Then I import the processed files into iPhoto.

This gives me all of my decent processed images in iPhoto in a format that doesnt slow it down at all and if I ever need to go back and change anything, then I can just go back to my external hard drive and edit them from there.

Another reason why I do this is because I only have a 60GB hard drive on my iBook and it gets filled up really quickly with thousand of 6MP RAW files.
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