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Since I am almost exclusively shooting in RAW mode these days, my photo library is getting quite large. iPhoto is painfully slow now so I have recently began manually transfering my files from my CF card to a Photos folder I created mocking the organization of iPhoto (year/month/date). I then edit my files with PSCS and save to yet another folder (Flickr).

This leaves me with no photo organization. I have my existing iPhoto folder, my new 2005 folder that I manually copy into, and my final edited images folder (Flickr). I'd like to cut down and organize my photos into once central location and have seen in the latest Macworld magazine iView MediaPro and Extensis Portfolio. Both of these seem pretty robust and I'm wondering if anyone else uses them and what you think. What are other people's digital photography workflows on OS X with RAW files and lots of images? What's the best way to backup your photos for archiving purposes?
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