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As a follow up, I managed to get it sorted all by my little old self and feel jolly proud about it all too!

After much rummaging around the internet, I put the phone in DFU mode, opened iTunes, Restored to a Pwnage 4.2.1 Custom Firmware. Got 1601 error. Closed iTunes. Connected iphone to different USB port. Opened iTunes. Restored to the aforementioned Custom Firmware with Tiny Umbrella running.

It worked. iPhone finally restored to 4.2.1 with fully functioning Cydia too, and I believe it is untethered (the RedSn0w one was tethered).

However, there was no network. I found a suggestion about going into Settings/General/Network, turning off 3G and on again, but this did nothing.

I then read something about using Ultrasn0w.

I have since installed Ultrasn0w and have made a couple of calls on my new, non-official carrier, and I am very happy about it!

So, if anyone finds themselves in a similar pickle, try the following:

Download Custom Firmware.
Put iPhone in DFU mode.
Open iTunes.
Use Alt/Shift Restore to select Custom Firmware.
If you get a 1601, close iTunes, change USB port and go through the previous steps again.

No Network?
Go to Settings/General/Network.
Turn off 3G.
Turn on Data Roaming.
Turn on 3G again.
(This didn't work for me, but others report success).

If this does not work, try:
Open Cydia
Go to Manage
Type '' - note: the '0' is the number 0, not the letter 'o'.
Confirm and install.

This unlocks your phone, and for some wonderful reason reactivates your connection.
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