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Hello everyone. After so many years of being a Windows user, finally I'm in the club. I recently bought a Macbook Pro 15" with 750 GB HDD, 2.2 GHZ cpu, 4 GBs of ram and a HD6750 graphics card. This is my first encounter with Mac OS so off course I have thousands of questions. Here are first 19

1- Does MacBooks disable battery usage when battery is full? What should I do if I do not want the device to constantly fill/empty the battery?

2- There's no boss key plugin (one that lets you chose the key combination) for safari or firefox?

3- cmd w minimizes windows to dock. cmd q quits them completely. Red x minimizes most quits some of the bundled software. Cant we make macbook pro quit when red x is pressed no matter what? Some people told me to use Path Finder which is supposed to be better than Finder. What do you say to that?

4- There was this magnify software bundled with windows os's which created a section in screen with zoomed version of where your mouse hoovers. I could not find an equivalent for Mac OS. I know cmd wheel up zooms in, but I'm in my bed trying to read and all I have in my hand is a mouse. Cant cmd wheel up with only a mouse. What should I do?

5- Ok. Quicktime is ****** like every app that makes you do extra stuff to get it to the thing that it should already be doing in the first place. So I gave a chance to VLC player that was talked highly off every Mac conversation I heard before. But it creates a playlist that contains the file I just played. As I play files it keeps adding them to the playlist. When I hit next it plays the first file I played in that occasion. That's a bummer. Because imagine I played a movie, then I started to play a tv show's episode 6 for instance. Halfway through I realize that I already had watched the 6th episode. So I hit next button to see the 7th episode. But I see the already played movie in front of me.

So what I want is just a player that does not create a playlist and cleans all files listed when I start a new video, and creates one if there are multiple video files named like each other residing in the same folder. I could not find that option in VLC player. What do you say?

6- Does remote management work like Logmein or teamvier? They are pretty user-friendly. Is default remote management work like those software? From a browser window and what not?

7- My room is pretty hot nowadays. Its 30 celsius degree. But does that justify a yesterday-bought, "doing nothing but writing this" "no extra software" "has only been on for like half an hour" notebook to be running at 50 celsius degree?

8- What menubar temperature utility do you use?

9- I'm awaiting for cloud. And am not a member of Do you think I should enroll to it?

10- I just wanted to try that bootcamp to see if it's user friendly like everything in mac. It asked me to download windows support files. I said yes. It downloaded them. Wanted me to keep them in an image file in an external drive or burn them on disk. I said ok to burning. It did. Then It asked me to resize my 750 gbs unpartitioned macintosh disk to create a windows partition. I quit right at that moment because I was afraid that It might delete my whole hard drive. Would it? Would it want me to get my windows installation disk after? Can it be an image file of windows os? Does it have to be a dmg file? I do not want to use windows 7 as bottcampped OS. I want to use XP. Mainly because I own an xp but not a win 7. So how much disk space should I spare for XP and 2-3 games worth of 20 GBS?

11- I'm a risk manager specialist in a bank. So I'm highly dependent on Office Excel 2010. I use elaborate formulas, tables and macros. Are there any difference between Office in Mac OS and Office in Windows? If there are I'm gonna keep using my own Office by installing it in bootcampped windows.

12- How does safe upgrade/install (or was it called something else?) work? Does it keep my users and applications folders when installing a new version of Mac OS? That is howmost of you guys keep going without partitioning your drives?

13- When I'm viewing my pictures why I cant move between them with next and previous buttons even if there are tons of pics in that folder?

14- I use a logitech mouse (nx nano) Downloaded appropriate software for it from Logitech site. Works flawlessly except that it does not move forward/backwards between Finder windows with its Forward/backwards buttons. I works in safari and firefox but not in Finder. Checked the options but not a solution.

15- cmd tab moves between opened apps. But why does it show me apps that are minimized to dock with the red x button. Because I cannot reach them even if I pull my fingers when I'm on them while cmd-tabbing. I have to click on them on dock to get them back. Then why cmd tab makes me see them?
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