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I recently bought MS Office 2011 and sometimes trying find answers to questions for a specific issues can be extremely difficult with Office. So here are my questions;

I have two monitors my 'main' and 'secondary' - I want Word to open up on the 'secondary' monitor every time but it alway opens up on the main. Can and how can I change this?

Second question; I know I can change this next question for 'New' documents but I want it for documents that I receive and open up. So here is the question; I would like Word to open up to view documents received docs at a set 225% along with the window size to be the same every each time it opens - can this be done and how? Can I set it to default to 'page width'

I am using Open Office and it along with most other true Mac products do all of these without issue. Leave it to MS to be 'different' and difficult to set up. You'd think they would learn something from writing Mac software.

Thanks in advance for any input you may offer.
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