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The only problem with that is that it goes up to the upper tier base Mac Mini with the 2.5 i5 CPU.

It doesn't give me an accurate representation of what my particular Mini will be capable, which is why reviews like that aren't as helpful. I obviously can't expect all the reviewers to buy every possible Mini configuration, so I understand I'm being picky in this instance.

But it's hard to really get a grasp of what my machine will be able to do if the only review at my disposal says that the most comparable base model is better than...the previous base model? Or that that particular model can play my games at medium settings, and because mine is better I should expect to play on high settings? Ultra settings?

That's why I came here, because I know that other customers buy configurations other than the base model, and I was hoping that someone would be able to say what they're able to do with their machine.

I appreciate your help in directing me to that article, but I have read articles like that and I'm still left wondering "What will mine then be capable of?" I can obviously assume that it would be better than whatever the review said the base model was able to do, but how much better? What exactly does that "better" equate to in regards to what I wish to do with my computer.
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