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Hi, I have already purchased a 2011 Mac Mini, and actually have it with me, but I just don't have my monitor (I'm moving back into my apartment this week, but am staying with relatives who don't have any spare HDTVs lying around for me to mess with my Mini).

I just would like to know what I can expect in terms of gaming performance from my new Mini, and these are the specifications:

2.7 i7 CPU
750GB 7200rpm HDD

I'm looking to play various Steam games, primarily TF2 and CS:S as well as SC2.

I already play those games on my current MBP with these specifications:

2.8 C2D CPU
320GB 7200rpm HDD

I've tried finding reviews, or benchmarks but nothing really gives me an idea of what my particular Mini will be able to do. Also, how much of a performance increase should I expect to see going from my MBP to the Mini?

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