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We are slowly switching all of our computer use to Mac.

Since our last PC has just bit the dust, I no longer have the "use the PC for certain functions and use the Mac for other functions" capability and honestly don't want it anymore, BUT I now need to figure out some things with software.

My first quandary is in regards to word processing and spreadsheet programs. I have downloaded the 14 day free trial of iwork '09 and so far I really like it better than excel and word for Windows.

If I were to get iWork for my Macs, I have a few questions. Right now we have an a MacBookPro (our first Mac purchased last year) and an iMac and ipad (both purchased within the last couple of months.


1. If I get iWork family pack, can I download it somehow to my iPad and use one of the registration codes for the ipad? Or is the only way to get it on the ipad to download and pay for the app through iTunes?

2. If I buy the app is it the full iWork version? Can the app be used on the other Macs as a regular program or would I need to purchase the program for the computer and for the ipad?

Thank you!,

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