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Originally Posted by XJ-linux View Post
I use an Airport Express wirelessly connected to my Airport Extreme (Gen 2) to extend my network into my basement with a more robust signal. It seems to work just fine, but all homes and AO's are different. I wasn't aware one could plug an Express into an Extreme, as I thought the ethernet port on the Express was dedicated to a modem connection. Guess I learned something new.

Anyhow, perhaps you might try the different Ghz frequencies available on the devices 5Ghz -vs- 2.4Ghz. You could also fiddle with the dedicated "n" setting -vs- "n/g compatible" setting. I've found in the past that some homes have some frequencies more saturated than others. I've also seen wireless n/g compatibility mode diminish signal strength in my own home, but I have no idea why. Just a thought.
Thanks XJ..I've definitely tried to do a 5ghz with the Express and leave the Extreme doing the b/g network (for my wife's iPhone etc) but it seemed really temperamental for some reason. At times it would be lightening fast and have a decent signal strength (the strongest I've ever been able to obtain in the den is 40% but typically it lingers around 27-32%) but at other times it would almost drop out all together..

ideally I would find another Extreme or Express to test to make sure the hardware itself isn't failing..or would anyone suggest adding a non-Apple unit to the equation?
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