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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post

To see if it's getting the network connection via ethernet or just extending the wireless turn wifi off on your airport extreme. If the wireless network remains, the airport express must be getting a network connection via ethernet.

- The signal from Extreme to Den is weak
- The signal from Express to Den is weak
Maybe the Dens location and environment is the issue.

Try connecting the express to the Extreme by ethernet. Have it create a network called 'EXP', using the extreme to give it an IP/internet connection. And, for this example, lets say the wifi on the extreme is called 'EXT'. So you now have two wireless networks connected to the same internet connection.

Use iStumbler in the Den and compare the strength of both the EXP and EXT networks.

If both are still very weak/similar them I suspect something in the environment/make-up/location of the Den.

If this is the case you're going to struggle to resolve your issues with wi-fi. Perhaps consider using ethernet over power adapters (one connected to the extreme, one connected to the express but actually in the Den). Both using the same SSID. That will give you the best wifi signal in the Den, providing the adapters work in your situation.

If, in the above example, the EXP network is strong enough to use then it's likely all a config issue. If this is the case post back and I'll try and give you detailed config instructions.

I know, I ramble, but hopefully some of it will be of some help.

Thanks so much for the comprehensive 'test steps'.

So I was able to do Step1 last night which was to turn off the wireless signal on the Extreme and test if the Express kept broadcasting its wireless signal and indeed it did albeit very weakly.

Interestingly enough while using iStumbler I also noticed (perhaps this is normal?) that even sitting next to a fully exposed Extreme (i.e not in cupboard etc) the strongest signal I could get was ~60%. Doesn't that seem odd? The same went for the Express when I was standing literally right next to it.

Someone mentioned using Wifi Analyzer on my Android phone too and it shows an equally poor strength coming from both units albeit much much stronger when I got closer to them.

I'm starting agree that it is indeed the house itself (and perhaps appliances etc) that are mainly to blame although some colleagues have suggested that I'd be better off using a 'electrical/power' based setup to take advantage of the houses wiring and the plethora of outlets near the den and around the house.

My main concern there is that again, it's an old house with what I suspect would be dubious I assume that would also affect the reliability of that way of doing things?
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