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Sweet Tony i hear very good things about the battery and chas m thanks for your thoughts i read your essay and quite liked it.

I have come to a decision of sorts but have two questions left. I have decided if i get one its gonna be the top of the line 15" MBP cause of the 6750. That will be more than good enough for wow and SWTOR when it comes out. My two questions are:

1. I was reading that in this computer the graphics processors switch over automatically on the fly depending on how intensive and application is. SO if i use bootcamp to put Windows 7 on the macbook and say go to play SWTOR when it comes out will it still know to switch over to the better video card. If not how to I make it?
2. I watch a lot of anime and j-drama's so i really need it to play mkv files. I was reading that there were issues in the past with this file type.. have they been taken care of? and I already read the guide about what to get for video players on a mac.

Thanks so much for the advice on this possible switch.
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