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Originally Posted by makorunner View Post
1. What do you think about buying a lower end 13" pro and building a decent windows machine to play hardware intensive games.(mainly video card)
This is actually what I have at home. I picked up a 13" base MBP in June, and have a 6-core desktop with a Radeon HD 5750 and 8GB RAM for games. That being said, I'm actually using my MBP about 95% of the time. Even with the "lowly" Intel 3000 integrated chipset, the graphics performance is on par with Windows laptops I've used running the ATI HD4200 and even GeForce 320M chipsets for graphics. I did upgrade the RAM in the MBP to 8GB and replaced the 320GB drive with a 500GB/7200RPM Seagate hybrid drive to get a bit of a performance boost.

While I haven't tried any super-intensive games on the MBP, I can play both WoW and Bioshock well (although there is some odd artifacting at times with Bioshock). I'm not really using the MBP for gaming though, so that's not as big a concern as the machine's performance in Photoshop, Aperture, etc - and that has been very impressive so far. But ultimately, the decision will come down to what you want to do with the machine and your budget.

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