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So this is an age old question on here. I'm torn. I have been thinking about buying a mac. I use my current dell for email facebook youtube etc etc and gaming. I've also owned other pc's but sold them. I like what I see when my friend uses his 2008 MBP 15" and it is really enticing. The thing I can not get over though is the lack of decent video cards in the lower models. I have become so knotted up about what to do that I've thought about buying a mac and then building a pc on the side to play some newer mmo's coming out. So with this said I have a few questions for you guys(and girls) that I was hoping you could answer for me.

1. What do you think about buying a lower end 13" pro and building a decent windows machine to play hardware intensive games.(mainly video card)
2. Should I maybe go all out and get the higher end 15" pro or 17" pro with the 6750 and just forsake windows all together for now.
3. What is the definitive thing that attracts you to Mac.

I know this has prolly been beaten to death on here and i've lurked a little but I want to be talked to directly about it not just read someone else's answers. I have thought heavily about how much I actually play video games on my past pc's and I more like the idea of being able to than actually doing it lol. And of course I know that gaming is not out of the question with a Mac but the biggest hurdle I've had in deciding to buy one is the video card issues that I have. Please help me alleviate these worries. What you say will definitely play a role in what I decide to do. Thanks
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