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I don't have a fast/stable Internet connection, so had to buy the USB Lion stick from Apple. All the WiFi problems I've heard about made me leery of installing it right out of the box on my iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Snow Leopard). So I want to install it first on an external hard drive, boot from that drive, and test drive it for awhile to make sure it runs okay.

I formatted the external HD (1 partition / GUID format), inserted the Lion USB stick, clicked install, and selected the ex HD. All seemed to go smoothly, until the automatic restart. The computer never got past a gray screen, and instead of the apple pic, it showed a circle with a slash through it. I was eventually forced to shut the iMac down via the power button on the back. (I know that's not good, but there really didn't seem to be another way.)

When I turned the computer on again, it booted up fine with my regular Snow Leopard (as it should). I checked the ex HD I'd supposedly installed Lion on. There were a bunch of files on it, but almost all of them looked like various unopened installer files... lots of them. No wonder my iMac couldn't boot up from it properly. The Start Up Disk in Preferences doesn't recognize it either.

Did I miss a crucial step somewhere? Anyone know how I can make this work?

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