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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
I use Safari 5.1 for about 12 hours a day and literally have no idea what you people are talking about. As I type this to you, Safari has been open for 13 hours straight. It's still lightning fast and if I'm having trouble with gif files I sure haven't noticed it (maybe you mean animated gif files, aka the scourge of the web? If so, I'm delight to hear that Safari won't render them).

Open up Activity Monitor, Safari is as I type this listed as using 269MB of real RAM and 253.6 of virtual RAM. Safari Web Content (the sandboxed portion) is taking up 168MB real RAM and 119.6 virtual RAM.

I wouldn't know what's "normal" to compare this to, but it's not causing any problems, running my fans or slowing down -- it's not doing ANYTHING to make me think its misbehaving in any way. How does my report compare to yours?
That is extremely awesome, I'm glad you're not having issues with Safari.

However, I did. Safari was a memory hog and I'm much happier with the performance of Google Chrome. In fact, I'm glad Safari began experiencing problems for me, because I much prefer the UI of Chrome as well..
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