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I was open-minded at 5:30 a.m. I confess, I am less convinced now that I can find a source that even knows the fix.

I turned on the Mac. The finder is not indicating that it is "on" (there is no white circle next to it). Safari "bounces" sideways, but also doesn't evern indicate that it is "on" by showing a white circle.

I try to shut down Safari, it won't. The drop-down menu appears and I can click on "shut down" once. Nothing happens. If I try to access the drop-down menu again, it will show up, but nothing makes anything actually happen.

At this point I have a computer that won't shut down. This time I'll let it run out of power, will that help? I'd like to have it restart, somehow, and allow a fix on this. But the one time I did get to the disc utility (I think it was called) was when I was trying a restart with the original installation disk. I cannot recall the error message I got that time, but basically it seemed to indicate that it couldn't do something with some kind of files. I forced the DVD to eject, and now it's on and in the state I just described. I'm closing it so it can hibernate until, ???
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