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I have just wasted an entire day trying to figure out what people are even talking about with this error. O.K. so I can't use my Mac for anything, whatever I try in the way of the fix seems to stall out and the computer doesn't freeze, it just won't open anything.

This is my first Mac, and I have been backing up using an external, partitioned, Terabyte drive. I may have unplugged it incorrectly. Now the computer seems to be unable to close anything. Sometimes after a forced (hold power button down) shutdown, the finder might appear to be functioning, but you can't access it without winding back up where you started, with a set of icons that appear and disappear, and even a reboot from the installation disk couldn't complete.

So, first Mac, and in about the time it takes a PC to break down my twice-as-expensive Mac has broken down. I admit, I can't understand what Mac users are saying to each other. So I don't know enough to fix it, and I'm left wondering if this really is a better product.

Without already knowing everything about a Mac, can I fix this? Or should I sell it for whatever i can get used, and go back to the PC where problems occured more often, but some kind of set of instructions could usually be found, understood, and followed.

Any comprehensible instructions or advice will be appreciated, no matter how this ends. Thank you.
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