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Thank you chscag
Thank you MYmacROX
Thank you PatM
for taking the time to reply.

1. I downloaded Oynx - one long word reply - woooooooohhhoooooooooo !!!!!
Amazing amazing thing happened
a) My mac runs smoother
b) Earlier 320 GB - available 78 GB
Now 320 GB - available 138 GB !!!!!!
c) Time Machine backup - last backup took me exactly 14 hours
Current backup - 35 GB - its 15 min since i started and its already backed up 3 GB

2. That effectively means i've saved a ton of money and i've saved a HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME. My very humble and sincere thank you again. Nothing can replace time lost.

3. To chscag
I quote you "You can also selectively move those applications you wish to the new Air. Whether or not you can have certain applications installed on more than one machine will be spelled out in the application EULA."

a) How can i know which application can be installed with the same license on another computer - i should email support?
b) I dont intend to use the software on 2 computers - just want to do a clean install and use the existing license. Can i do that?

4. Re iPhoto moving of photos - i made a mistake and posted without searching adequately - i'll try to hunt for the answer again online.

Thank you and god bless.
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