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Ok, problem....

My MBP laptop was hooked up to our 42" so we could watch movies/tv shows downloaded from iTunes. now granted, these are downloaded to an external drive so if it's not plugged in (via USB) then "file can't be found". Hooked up to the tv from laptop required 2 cables, one for the picture (big blocky thing with 2 screws on each side & a sound wire).

Now that I have my iMac, there is no place to hook up the big blocky thing for picture. So I'm guessing this will be just a single cable for both picture and sound? What sort of cable is it? Will it be an HDMI cable?

Second, if I can't get the iMac to mirror onto the 42" screen, how can I share the external HD?

I'm currently watching my Season pass of Bones from the laptop (via USB ext HD) but I want to muck around with my photos (also on the USB ext HD)... any chance of being able to share?

Also (problem 3): I was going to partition my iMac's drive and just store my photography on the drive but I'm getting errors creating the partition. "Can't verify something...." I tried 3 times.

I think I would prefer to share the external... as that is my Time Machine drive AND storage (photos/documents/music/movies etc)
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