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Have some new information that I'm sure will be helpful

I decided to go over all of the things I have tried many times in the past and it seems that I might have found something. When I use to start in safe mode it would take the same amount of time, 9 min and 25 seconds.. But now, iv noticed that when I start it in safe mode it only takes roughly 2 minutes 30 seconds and I do not see the blue screen at start up, just the login screen. After I put in my login it loads up and works great!

So this leads me to believe that this has something to do with something starting up in 'normal' mode that is hanging it up on start.

Iv also tried a few other things to see where exactly along the blue screen it is getting held up and I noticed that regardless if I have the computer set to auto-login or have to use a password, the blue screen will display first then the login panel... If that makes any sense...

Iv gone through onyx and cleaned the fonts and stuff and there is nothing in the startup logins for my account. I also made another admin account to see if that would clear anything out but the blue screen will still display for the 9 min it does before it will bring me to the login panel.

I hope that maybe im onto something here.. I was flabbergasted when the computer started so fast in safe mode.....

Ohh and I also tried restarting after being in safe mode and it still didnt change anything..

What do you guys think?
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